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Blog: The Luxe View

Why do we use inspiration boards?

Sheree Jackson


Inspiration boards are the foundation for each Designluxe client design projects. I always start by pulling inspiration from photos and compiling them into a clean and cohesive inspiration board. This step is fundamental to my creative process, and it has proven to be effective time and time again for helping us come up with original concepts that our clients are happy with. 

Inspiration boards have become a popular way to visualize what attracts you or visualize brainstorms. They are used for individuals, groups, companies, retreats for coaching, counseling, events, and projects.

For example, many of my clients ask for a look that is simple, clean, and classic. All of these characteristics are right up my alley, but there are thousands of color palettes, design schemes, and brand elements that reflect that aesthetic. An inspiration board gives both the client and I a visual foundation for the look of their event, it ensures that we're on the same page (which saves me from multiple design revisions down the road), and it gives me a visual reference to pull from throughout the timeline of a project.