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Blog: The Luxe View

Your Dream Wedding, What is it?

Sheree Jackson

I wanted to write a blog post to engage the audience more. Often times I think to myself, "the posts that I write can sort of be closed-ended. It would be fun to hear from my audience. I want to know what they're thinking!" As for this post, I'm curious as to what everyone's dream wedding is and was. I encourage you to share.

When I was in my preteen years, I've always dreamt of getting married on a beach. What do you picture and think of when you hear "beach"? What are the types of vibes? For some of you, the beach is a relaxing and serene environment, a peaceful mind vacation, etc. For others, it’s the “too many people, I can’t stand sitting here” type of feeling. Sand is soft; nobody would worry about wearing shoes, or their feet hurting, and there’s also nothing like a gust of beach wind either.

Source: Unknown    Credit: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Credit: Unknown

Throughout my college years, the dream wedding was fairytale lights themed. I used to have firefly lights hanging up on the walls inside my room, and it gave off a dreamy effect. Often times, I would find myself daydreaming, and being in deep thought. Aside from all the electricity light-themed weddings use, imagine how nice every photo would turn out. Imagine how joyful it would make all the guests feel, as soft warm white lights enlighten the mood, and make you feel cozy.

Source:    Credit: DesignLab Experience


Credit: DesignLab Experience

Source:  Credit: Patrizia Saraga


Credit: Patrizia Saraga

Here are some questions to ponder: Is your idea of a dream wedding nowadays the same one you’ve dreamt about when you were growing up? How about your ideal wedding? Is your dream wedding close to your ideal wedding? Even if your dream wedding is out of your budget, what would be the most significant factors for it? At the end of the day, if you wholeheartedly enjoyed it with your husband-to-be and your friends, and you’re completely happy with the outcome, and guests seemed to be enjoying their time, and happy memories were made, then those are all that matter!

Source:  Credit: Unknown


Credit: Unknown