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Practicing Self Care As A Entrepreneur

Sheree Jackson


I’ve been missing in action the past few weeks because I didn’t consider how valuable I am to my family, friends and the business. I have a history of working long hours for the business, not sleeping, grabbing food on the go, being super mom, doctoral canidate, the perfect wife, and “shiner” while on the job working for my employer that I did not take care of me! I am a firm believer in being transparent so here's why I've been so quiet.

I was sitting in the board while at work (for those who don't know I work a full-time job mitigating risk for a hospital).  One day, while sitting in a meeting, listening to everyone speak I slowly began to float away. I mean I could not hear what they were saying, I could not move and I could not speak. I remember my CEO looking over and saying something but I could not respond. This episode only lasted a few minutes and I eventually came back to reality. As I walked out someone told me that I was pale and sweating but she grabbed my hands and they were ice cold. I had horrible abdominal pain but I didn't pay that any attention. I mananged to get to my office where I put my head down and took a nap. About an hour or so later, I was awaken by a co-worker knocking at my door telling me I should go home for the day. I got up and went down to our intake department to have them take my blood pressure.  It was 190/128! I made a doctors appointment for that afternoon and stuck it out for the rest of the day. Upon arriving to the doctor I had horrible chest pain (something I had experienced off and on earlier that week). My doctor ran an EKG, pumped me with meds to get my pressure down and sent me off to see a cardiologist (I refused her request to go to the ER). After arriving there he confirmed it was a mild heart attack. I couldn't believe that at 35 I was having a heart attack. The doctor explained because my blood pressure was so high it was not delivering blood to certain parts of my heart. He told me to go off of work and rest. I politely declined and agreed to come in daily if I could continue to work. I've suffered from uncontrolled hypertension for the past 6.5 years and I knew the drill and I am not one for a pity party. Except this time I didn't take in to account that I could die from my blood pressure being so high.

After weeks of seeing the doc every other day, taking a plethora of medications, reflecting and an abundance of rest I am feeling better. I never took care of me or put me first. I’ve taken this time to heal and I am doing a lot better.

As an entrepreneur and a go getter, I know it's very difficult to be still but It's required. Lack of self care can be deadly! I definitely know that every dollar counts but whats the point of making money if you wont be around to enjoy it? Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with "sitting and doing nothing" but its either me or nothing so I chose me.

Thank you to everyone that called and texted as I healed. And to the wonderful Designluxe staff who continued to make the company run while I was grounded, you all are the best! I’ve finally gotten the ok (to be great again), see you all in 2018. #TheBestIsYetToCome

Sheree (Luxe) Jackson

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