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Blog: The Luxe View

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The Experienced Coordinator

Sheree Jackson

We live in a day and age where the wedding and event industry has an influx of professionals who can all get the job done!


The key is to making your business, your brand, different from that of your competitors. Many of us take the “I have failed, so I can and will do the best job expected of me,” approach. Others market themselves based on being a family owned business or being in the right circle to “just get your name out there”.

The truth is there is no right or wrong way but there is a difference in the level of service provided to a consumer based on how you address situations that you encounter. For example, you are the coordinator for a wedding and the bride and groom were very specific about no entry into the ceremony after a particular time. There is always that one family member who is furious that has traveled miles to attend the joyous occasions and now they are not being granted entry into the nuptials. Can you honestly say you can handle a situation like that? I’ve been talked to very poorly in English, Arabic and French due to honoring the wishes of my bride and groom. Many years ago there was a instance where I was pushed to the ground when I refused to allow the grooms brother into the ceremony (at the request of the bride and groom). But can you honestly say you can pick up the pieces where you left off and continue providing coordinating services at the level expected after experiencing something so traumatic? Directly after the incident took place, I recall my back hurting and being down right embarrassed but I brushed it off and escorted the gentlemen off the promises. You have to have tough skin to be a planner/coordinator and it's as simple as that!

Be prepared to stay 3-4 hours after the wedding reception is over in case a vendor is late picking up their supplies or climbing under a brides wedding dress to help “adjust” her garments. There is so much more to the title of coordinator that many do not take into account but in my opinion it is only something that years of experience can give you when faced with challenges on one of the most important days of a couples life. So before opening up shop for business take sometime to plan some pro bono events to get a few notches under your belt. It will make a world of a difference in the long run!

Wedding Photography

Sheree Jackson

Being happy is the key to having the perfect wedding photos.

One thing that makes wedding photography so enjoyable is the exuberance of the people. Aside from the photos of the all the excitement, and the bride and groom smiling while holding hands, I’m talking about the candid ones that were captured. Have you ever noticed the way the groom looks at his bride, with the “I couldn’t be more in love with her” kind of look? Or how the guests are so engrossed in their conversations when they’re catching up with their old friends? Or even the details of the décor centerpieces? When it comes to wedding photography, it’s really amazing how a couple’s love can be so beautifully caught on camera and how naturally everything falls into place. Seeing that the sun’s rays can turn the simplest smile into someone’s new beginning or how a strong embrace captured by a camera’s lens, can show insight to the strength of a newly formed bond. What surprises me most about a photo, is the creativity that’s been brought to life. The photos with the groom holding an umbrella while the bride is holding his hand to prevent him from floating away, are one of my favorite types. It describes the meaning behind the words, “No matter where life takes us, just remember we’re in this together.”



Most couples are frightened mere seconds before walking down the aisle because the thought of sharing one’s life with another is often considered disquieting. In the photos, the bride might be seen with her head held down and arms wrapped tightly around her stomach in an attempt to prevent the butterflies from escaping. But once her eyes meet the groom’s, a spark is shown, and every nerve that once drowned her vanishes. She’s left with nothing but love for the man awaiting her at the altar. The most important part of a photographer’s job is being able to understand the depth of the relationship between his/her clients; it wouldn’t just be snapping a gorgeous picture but being able to capture the emotions being shared, narrating the scene only with the use of his/her lens.

I once read a blogpost where a wedding photographer was frantically walking around trying to capture every moment with her camera at the ceremony. He/she forgets to enjoy the wedding because they’re so busy trying to find the perfect moments to take pictures. If the photographer was in the moment in such a way that when the photos are looked back on, the emotions are revived as if they were reliving that same day.