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Blog: The Luxe View

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The Season of Engagement: Proposals

Sheree Jackson

Everyone thinks of what their dream proposal is like from a young age- whether it’s in public, private, at a beach, extravagant, or even interesting. In our minds, we have all created what our ideal engagements would come to be. There will be times when we believe with all of our might that our dream will never come true- that the dream we once dreamt of when we were little won’t possibly come to life. These daunting thoughts could haunt our minds, but from the touch of someone new, suddenly everything changes. With each passing year, you’ll be a step closer to that dream which once seemed out of reach. There wouldn’t be a reason to give up on hope.

Earlier, it was mentioned that a typical proposal could be very surprising, yet extravagant; public, yet simple. Though movies portray proposals as extravagance, it’s significance doesn’t come from where and how it’s done, but from the simple affection shown through the words, “Will you marry me?”


The question remains: how does one express to another that they have fallen in love with her/him using four simple words? Can one convey such a powerful emotion with simplicity? Everyone has their own unique way of expressing their love, that is what makes a proposal truly special.

Do you ever see or hear of those creative proposals that have been made? There was a video of a Canadian Basketball Player who pretended to injure his knee by tricking his at-the-time girlfriend into thinking he was hurt, when he was actually going to propose next. ( Another video I came across was a bit on the extreme side, where a woman was at a little rooftop gathering with her boyfriend. He stood up on the ledge, and was in the middle of making a toast when he fell off the side, scaring her out of her mind. The camera then showed him falling on a stunt airbag with giant signs that read “Will You Marry Me?” (

At the end of it all, a proposal is one of the most important milestones a woman, or man, will encounter. It’s the start of a new beginning and the end of a chapter in one’s life. It’s exciting and frightening to start a chapter with a new addition, but in the end, it’s the first step to walking down the aisle and finally saying, “I do.”

couple exchanging vows.jpg
i do.jpg